ProHair Fiber Hair Extensions

ProHair fiber hair extensions are easy to maintain and blend naturally with your clients’ hair. For clients who want big volume—ProHair is an excellent choice. Unlike human hair, ProHair holds a style for days—even after shampooing.

One of the unique qualities of this method is that it is very affordable to carry stock, making it easy for you to offer your clients extensions immediately without having to place an order for hair. Available in 36 colors and 3 textures (natural, wavy, and straight), ProHair can be custom-blended to match any color—including unpigmented hair.

ProHair is an additional service to offer your clients as an alternative to chemical services and is more attractive to many clients because the color never fades.

ProHair is applied without adhesives or glues—so no damage. Refer to our videos on the TRAINING page for more details.

Unlike many beauty products that come and go, ProHair has been around for over 30 years due to the high quality of the product, affordability, and the versatility of the method.  ProHair was created especially for hair extensions and is hand finished to look and feel like healthy natural hair.

ProHair fiber looks, moves, and feels like natural hair. They are lightweight—so your clients will never feel “extra weight” in their hair. What’s more, the color never fades and they are easy to maintain. ProHair offer styling support to hairstyles.

What are the advantages of ProHair?

  • Luxurious Locks: In most cases, regardless of your clients’ current hair length, they can have long, beautiful-looking hair in about two hours
  • Volume: ProHair will add fullness and styling support and are virtually undetectable for thinning hair
  • Highlights: For clients who have dark hair but want vibrant colors or light blonde highlights without damage and fading from chemical color processing
  • Avant-Garde: Bright colors, sticks, braids, and dreadlocks can all be achieved with ProHair
  • Custom-blending: ProHair is available in 36 colors and 3 textures—you can blend any combination of two or more colors and textures to create a custom color and texture match for your client
  • Discreet: Virtually undetectable
  • Lightweight and comfortable: ProHair weighs much less than human hair and is non-porous, so your clients will never feel extra weight on their head (especially when wet)

Color Menu

Available in the following textures and lengths:

A unique characteristic of this hair extensions method is that it offers you a palette of 36 colors in 3 different textures; natural texture, wavy texture, and straight texture. So you can offer your clients wavy hair extensions/curly hair extensions, stick straight hair extensions for more avant-garde looks, and traditional soft wave texture.  ProHair can be custom-blended to match any color—including unpigmented hair.

Natural Hair Extensions

Natural (Softwave) 30″ length

Standard Packs are 3.5 oz / 100 grams

Curly Hair Extensions

Wavy (1″Curl) Texture 30″ length

Standard Packs are 3.5 oz / 100 grams

Straight Texture

Straight Texture 30″ length

Standard Packs are 3.5 oz / 100 grams

XL Straight 48″ length

Standard Packs are 3.5 oz / 100 grams


22 Silver Ashe

01 White

02 Light Blonde

03 Med. Blonde (Ashe)

04 Ginger


04R Med. Copper

19 Light Warm Blonde

20 Honey Blonde

24 Caramel

23 Light Auburn

05 Lt Brown Warm


06 Med. Brown Ashe


07 Dark Brown (cool)


08 Dark Auburn


08R Mahogany


09 Black


10 Gold


21 Golden Ginger

11 Orange


12 Red


13 Pink

14 Lavender

15 Blue


16 Green


17 Yellow


18 Dark Purple


25 Pale Lilac


31 Neon Orange

32 White Opal (neon)

Party Packs

Party Packs Available in Natural Texture Only, 30″ length

Party Packs are smaller packs, (half the size of standard pack) 50 grams/ 1.75 ounces


P33 Cotton Candy Blue


P34 Caribbean Blue (neon) 


P35 Fuchsia

P36 Hot Pink (neon)


P37 Emerald Green


P38 Electric Lemon (neon)

P39 Purple Pizzazz (neon) 

Care of ProHair Fiber Hair Extensions

Would your clients like to wake up every day with the perfect hairstyle?

ProHair Fiber looks, moves, and feels like natural hair. However, unlike our natural hair, ProHair holds its shape…even overnight. By following proper maintenance and care guidelines, your clients’ hair will continue to look great day after day. Clients will stay with ProHair because it provides a low maintenance hairstyle for easy care and active lifestyles.

ProHair Fiber Extensions are easy to maintain. The Home Care products are specifically formulated to help your clients keep the style you created looking great at a price they can afford. Plus, the ProHair Extension care brochure has easy-to-follow advice to help your customers maintain and style their extensions at home. Your clients will be able to continue their active lifestyle.


ProHair Fiber stays looking its best when allowed to air dry. ProHair Fiber has no elasticity and can be stretched when warm causing it to lose its shape. For best results using a blow dryer, use a diffuser (especially with wavy hair) on cool or low heat. Avoid pulling on ProHair when it is warm. The most effective styling tool for ProHair Fiber is hot rollers when allowed to cool completely. Care should be taken to protect the ends from “fish-hooking” as they are wound around the
roller. Metal styling tools should be avoided.

Hair Coloring

Hair color has no effect on ProHair Fiber because it is non-porous. Apply the extensions to freshly color-treated hair and continue to color your clients’ natural hair as needed. However, when coloring, make sure to avoid putting color on the heat seals and be intentional to rinse well around the extensions.

Let your creativity run wild by using ProHair to enhance your color techniques. Use ProHair for highlights, lowlights, and to enhance reds without having to do excessive color processing. Unlike hair color, ProHair does not fade, is faster to apply and can be much more profitable depending on your pricing.


Ongoing Maintenance

As a stylist, ProHair Extensions are a “bread and butter” service. Once you put ProHair in your clients’ hair, we recommend offering either option below:

1. Book your clients in 3 months to remove and replace with a new set of extensions.


Fill Program

2. Offer to schedule them for a “Fill-in or Maintenance Program” in which they return in 4 weeks where you will remove and replace any extensions as needed. Your client never needs to pay for a full set of extensions again and their hairstyle continues looking great!  This option helps to create a dependable monthly income for you and makes it more affordable for your clients to wear extensions long term. In addition, by coming more often, your clients are more likely to add additional services such as, haircuts, hair color, conditioning treatments, etc.

For general information check out our HOME page.


Q & A for ProHair Fiber Extensions

How long will ProHair extensions last in hair?

On average, extensions can last up to 10-12 weeks, assuming your clients maintain them correctly at home. In general, ProHair extensions should be removed after 3 or 4 months or after 1 to 1.5 inches of new growth.

Can I color my clients’ hair when wearing ProHair extensions?

Yes, hair color has no effect on ProHair because the fiber is non-porous. So, you can continue to offer color services to your clients.

Is ProHair human hair?

Prohair is an exclusive fiber made only for hair extensions. It looks and feels like healthy human hair, but unlike human hair, holds it style for days, even after shampooing.

Will ProHair damage my clients’ hair?

ProHair will not damage hair when correctly applied and removed. The system is painless (no pulling) and requires no glue or adhesive to secure. There’s no sewing, weaving or tension to apply ProHair. No chemicals, solvents or cutting to remove. In fact, quite often, many people claim their hair is in better condition after wearing ProHair Fiber Extensions.

Are These Extensions difficult to maintain?

ProHair Fiber Extensions are very easy to maintain, even easier than our natural hair. The style and texture is only changed by heating and cooling and is not affected by rain or humidity. We provide specially developed line of Home Care products that help keep your style looking its best at a price you can afford.

Can I wash, brush, and curl ProHair Extensions?

Yes. Shampoo as normal and brush your hair daily with a soft bristle brush. ProHair Daily Conditioning Spray should be used before brushing or heat styling. ProHair can be curled and styled with a variety of hot rollers and tools. Your hairdresser will advise you of the best styling techniques for your hairstyle.

ProHair Conditioning Mist